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What is the best flavored decaf coffee?

Spilling the beans – with coffee. Coffee is one of those drinks that instantly lifts your mood, even before you have gulped it. The idea of sitting in your nook with a book and cuppa lights up a section of your brain that associates feel good factor with it. Curled up with coffee but not the regular one – some like just that – decaf coffee. It sounds like an oxymoron. But there are blends that’s decaf and many people prefer it to the original thing. The decaf loses some amount of flavor during the process and may be a little thin or bland for some.

Some people like decaf coffee; they have their reasons. Some even roast their own. One reason that many quote is that they don’t like to be addicted to anything that works like drugs. They don’t like to ever feel the “need” for that morning cup of Joe. People also have health reasons for choosing to go the decaf route. Others like coffee the way it was meant to be. A matter of preference, simply.

How do you arrive at the right blend?

There can’t be a cut and dry answer to that.

A good suggestion is to roast the beans at home. That way you have control over the blend. Instead of sticking to a particular region like South American decaf or Africa or Indonesia, buy green beans that blended. Coffee is taste and preference-dependant. Hence different people will refer different stores or coffee houses.

Use an air popcorn popper to roast the coffee beans. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes to roast a weeks’ worth of coffee. Plus, green coffee lasts for months, so you could order twice a year and save on shipping. Remember, it’s about half the price or less of the roasted variety.

If you are not up for this, get your hands on some good blend from a local roaster. If you find the coffee has a bit of after-taste that’s sour, speak to the local roaster for suggestions.

There’s a difference in taste due to the process used in decaffeinating it. But single origin coffees mostly display these strange flavors that may not go down well with everyone.

The most useful advice hence for a flavored decaf coffee-aficionado is to buy blends that originated in more than one country and to add flavors that he likes.

If there are brands that you prefer you may go for them. Starbucks offers flavored decaf coffee. So does other brands and stores such as Coffee Bean Direct. Hazelnut or cinnamon, whatever be your preference, you are sure to root for one after you have tried it.

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