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Does caffeine raise blood pressure?

There’s contention the world over that coffee causes high blood pressure. The caffeine content is what could be the possible trouble maker. To reduce its effect on those who drink coffee regularly decaf coffee was invented. The caffeine was removed through a chemical process that resulted in trouble-free coffee. There is a world of difference between the regular coffee and decaf coffee in terms of taste. But when you think the substance causes more trouble than good, it is best to remove it. Consume coffee without the worry of it being the cause of your high blood pressure.


Does caffeine raise blood pressure?

But then, did everyone who experienced a spurt in their blood pressure earlier see a dip or change with decaf coffee in the same amount? Results aren’t conclusive. Is there really a connection between drinking coffee and high blood pressure? Does caffeine raise blood pressure?

Studies were conducted with healthy coffee drinkers; some were randomized, crossover trials. The subjects varied. At times they were regular coffee drinkers who were made to drink regular coffee for some time and later moved to decaf coffee for similar duration. Others focused on a group of occasional drinkers. Results were different too. At time reports suggested that in regular drinkers it leads to a real but small drop in blood pressure. The studies however failed to conclude if a mass switch would result in a significant reduction of the incidence of hypertension-related disorders.

In the study that involved occasional drinkers it was found that even decaf coffee can cause high blood pressure or disturb sleep patterns. Again those who drank coffee regularly seemed to be protected against at least some of its effects, possibly due to their tolerance levels.

Though these results are speculative and further studies are necessary to either confirm or reject the theory, we can for the good of those concerned refrain from drinking regular coffee and switch to decaf to see its effects long term.

There were even reports that not just those who drank coffee, even non-drinkers when given decaf coffee displayed those effects. To best avoid the risk of hypertension those with a history should avoid drinking caffeinated coffee.

As much as the Brits do, Americans too spend a heavy amount on coffee. There are reports that show drinking coffee every day results in better productivity. It is the amount however that may cause concern. Drinking coffee itself may not be an issue. It could be the caffeine. However, some other reports suggest that caffeine has nothing to do with blood pressure.

Since there are multiple studies and varying suggestions, it is best to use one’s discretion. Does caffeine raise blood pressure? We do not know for sure but if doctors recommend, go decaf. You better check here top see what are decaf coffee side effects.

If you continue to experience the symptoms consult them for further advice. The favorite drink of many has been in the market for several decades and will continue to rule people’s heart for several more to come.

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