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Can Pregnant Women Drink Decaf Coffee?

In the morning, coffee gives you an extra energy that may help you to deal with the day. Flavors, creams and fanciness of hot cup decaf is something else. It is certainly a delight to have without any doubt. From the coffee beans, the brew is made. Caffeine source can be found through the coffee beans. The coffee wakes you in an instant. The liquid is absorbed by the body completely. Now, the question is can pregnant women drink decaf coffee?

Too much caffeine is never good for the body. Therefore, it must not be taken in excess. The matter is especially true for the pregnant ladies. By the obstetricians, it has been advised that pregnant ladies must limit the intake of coffee. So, can pregnant women drink decaf coffee? The answer is certainly yes. In decaf, you may notice marginal amount of caffeine which may not be bad for health at all. It is certainly a safer option than normal coffee.

Now, you should know whether the decaf coffee is safe for health during pregnancy or not. Following things have been found through research regarding decaf during pregnancy.


Try Moderation with decaf coffee while you are pregnant

Little amount of caffeine may not be bad for health. It can be taken after a considerable amount of time quite easily. Full cup can be consumed at same time also. Similar thing can be said for the decaf coffee as well as it cannot be made completely free of caffeine.  200mg of caffeine can be consumed almost every day. In terms of cup, it means two. Each of the cups can contain 100mg of coffee at the time. In decaf, you may notice caffeine amount from minimum 1 milligram to 14 milligram. Due to diuretic nature of the coffee, it is important to remember the fact that balanced diet must be consumed along with it. Loss of water can be maintained through additional amount of fluids like milk, water and juices.

Studies related to caffeine during pregnancy

Research has been conducted on women who have lost their children within 6 weeks to 12 weeks of time. It has been found out that these ladies have taken minimum 5 cups of coffee during this time. Therefore, it is quite clear that 5 cups of coffee creates a lot of pressure upon the soon-to-be mother. There is no doubt that 5 cups mean a lot of coffee. By simply drinking more than 300mg of caffeine, women may fall under the risk of miscarriage. Issues can be noticed from the first trimester.

Prior to the year 2008, it has been considered alright to consume few cups in a span of a day. On the occasion, the study has been carried on pregnant ladies. However, it is possible to feel safe as a result. Difference can be seen with the other researches. Issues like nausea can be considered a common aversion of caffeine. Lots of research must be done and read to know can pregnant women drink decaf coffee?

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