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Are decaf coffee beans darker than regular coffee beans?

decaf coffee beans

In coffee bean, caffeine has been observed as a natural ingredient. Similar to regular coffee, caffeine can be found with the decaf coffee beans also. In case you are suffering from caffeine intolerance then you cannot be recommended either decaf or regular coffee. Some difference can be noticed between the decaf and regular coffee beans apart from the level of caffeine in both types of coffee.

Decaffeinated coffee

Caffeine is removed to some extent in decaffeinated coffee. In addition, extraction of flavors and oils can be noticed at the same time. However, flavors are inserted in to coffee once again after decaffeination method. Instead of roasting company, the process is generally performed by a second party. Following to the purchase of coffee beans, it is generally sent for the purpose of decaffeination

Regular coffee

Based on beverages, different kinds of regular coffee can be obtained from different parts of a country. In the city of New York, milk and sugar is generally added to the coffee. From roasted coffee beans, it is made in most occasions. Influence of coffee beans can be noticed in the brain quite naturally. Diverse ranges of preparations can be found with the regular coffee such as cappuccino, espresso, mocca and latte. Coffee is generally roasted prior to sale. Dark roasted coffee is quite stronger. However, medium and light coffee contains more oil. Therefore, more flavors can be aroused from it.

types of coffee

Through process of roasting, level of caffeine may not be changed. By measuring properly, caffeine amount can be reduced.


  • Some changes are made in to decaf coffee beans for incredible taste. However, it can be considered unnatural by the regular coffee addicts. According to some, it is not right to alter natural form of coffee ever.
  • 95% caffeine can be removed with the decaf. In 10 decaf cups, it is possible to notice 13.9 mg of caffeine whereas one regular cup contains 85 mg.

Which is darker? Decaf or regular coffee beans

Based on the moisture, density and water activity, seeds for decaf coffee are generally chosen. It generally appears in green before the process of roasting. Coffee must be extracted from the garden fresh for the process of decaffeination. Similar thing can be said for the process of roasting also. Through decaffeination, density of the coffee seeds may be changed completely. Coffee seeds are generally broken down with the process.

Due to roasting, change in the color is mostly seen. Difference is generally made with the regular and decaf coffee beans in the process. Due to drastic change in the coffee beans through decaffeination, color alters. Following to the roasting process, decaf generally appears darker than regular coffee in spite of light nature of roasting. So, darker color of the coffee may not indicate towards higher caffeine level or oil always. Change in the structure of coffee beans may be noticed in due course. If you compare seeds of decaf with regular ones then it may be darker. However, a dull finish can be noticed at the same time.

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