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Decaf coffee health issues

Coffee is popular but due to the caffeine in it people want to restrict the amount they drink regularly. Caffeine has side effects which many cannot take. While coffee tastes great it leads to health complications in many. Hence, drinking decaf coffee is the best alternative.

Decaf coffee is the same coffee with caffeine removed. It has less caffeine than regular coffee does. Drinking the same amount of coffee will not cause any trouble since decaf has way less caffeine. If that is not the solution for you, you can still reduce the amount of decaf coffee to counter any side effects.


Decaf coffee health concerns

Caffeine has effects on health if taken in excess.

To curb those potential issues coffee was decaffeinated. It is not that coffee is the only source of caffeine. But those who drink coffee regularly and consume quite a few cups on average need to cut down their coffee consumption specifically since coffee contains a much bigger amount of caffeine. Multi-national coffee chains serve tall glasses of coffee and these can definitely give you headaches and sleepless nights or even palpitation.

Coffee isn’t only about caffeine. It tastes great and being a stimulant makes for a wonderful drink when you need energy. But we must note that there can be side effects which we don’t want.

Is Decaf coffee health-friendly? 

Decaf coffee has a considerable amount of caffeine although it may be lower than regular coffee. Coffee contains hydrocinnamic acids and polyphenols. Anti oxidants are good in neutralizing reactive compounds called free radicals. This reduces oxidative damage and helps prevent problems like heart diseases, cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Decaf coffee also contains other minerals like magnesium, potassium, niacin and vitamin B3.

It is very much known that decaf coffee isn’t totally decaffeinated. It contains very less amount such that it may not potentially harm you. The best thing to do is to reduce the amount of coffee you drink.

If your health problems with coffee are severe and you cannot do without drinking it, switch to decaf coffee. The taste and smell of decaf coffee isn’t same as regular coffee. It might seem like a watered down version of coffee.

Decaf coffee is getting popular, but there is no saying that regular coffee is evil. Taken in excess every food item can cause some side effect. Those who say they experience some effect like sleeplessness should consider switching to tea or perhaps drinking decaf coffee and observe if they feel any better.

Just because you are drinking decaf coffee you cannot drink as many cups you want. You will still have to restrict the amount if caffeine is really the trouble maker. Those who are caffeine sensitive may experience side effects even with very less caffeine.

To do away with the side effects of drink too much coffee, even decaf coffee, don’t add cream and sugar. It may not taste very good but that way you are avoiding useless calories.

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