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Is Decaf Coffee Ok During Pregnancy

Coffee is a much loved beverage around the world. People drink several cups each day. For some it is what they start their day with. A morning cuppa will provide enough energy to stay afloat for the rest of the day.

But as with everything, coffee too has its downsides. Too much and it will harm you. There are some side effects of consuming too much coffee. These side effects for some people may be too much to handle. The world slowly moved towards decaffeinating it.

There are those who cannot do without coffee and yet they have problems drinking it. So, how do you handle the case? Drink decaf coffee and keep it to the minimum. We have to take the middle path in life and stick to moderation when we don’t have a choice.


Coming to pregnant women, how does taking coffee affect them? Is decaf coffee ok during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time when everything we eat or drink has to be measured and thought about. So women who drink coffee habitually need to know if they should stop, reduce or switch to decaf and how much they should drink if allowed to.

Caffeine is what makes coffee what it is. It is this caffeine that is the culprit. We need to take the help of science to understand if drinking decaf coffee will solve the problem of pregnant women.

Is decaf coffee ok during pregnancy?

Decaf coffee has some amount of caffeine left. There are different methods of decaffeinating coffee and each will still leave some caffeine in coffee. Women who are concerned if drinking coffee will harm them should be relaxed knowing that drinking decaf coffee is okay as long as they restrict the caffeine intake to less than 200 mg per day. They will need to remember that caffeine comes not just from coffee but also chocolate, tea and other food items too. Hence, you must calculate your intake considering all other sources too.

Those who drink coffee from the multinational chains should find out the amount of caffeine in their tall glasses.

Women who have been through the process look for alternative ways to deal with the situation. If you cannot do without coffee and get headaches, drink decaf and find ways to reduce the caffeine content.

  1. Fill your glass halfway with decaf coffee and the rest half with milk.
  2. Caffeine leads to dehydration and during pregnancy women visit the toilet more often normally. So, be prepared to drink more water to keep yourself hydrated if you continue to drink coffee during your pregnancy.
  3. The other way to continue drinking coffee is drinking organic decaf coffee. The process of decaffeinating makes a difference. The Swiss Water method uses only spring water and the company’s website provides information about how the method removes caffeine.

Be careful during pregnancy and watch what you drink. Follow guidelines given by the physician you are working with and keep coffee to the minimum.

More information about decaf coffee at www.decafcoffeeinfo.com

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