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Decaf Coffee While Pregnant

Most of us do not feel energized until we hold a cup of coffee in our hand to start the day. Undoubtedly, coffee gives the stimulation effects to boost our energy and the major reason behind it is its most important ingredient – caffeine. This alkaloid is usually found in seeds, fruits and leaves of some plants. Since the caffeine rapidly absorbs in the body, the coffee drinkers feel a boost in their energy instantly. However, the consumption of excessive amount of caffeine can bring adverse effects on the body, especially when the coffee drinker is a pregnant woman.

Drinking Decaf Coffee during Pregnancy

Due to this reason, many pregnant women keep themselves away from drinking regular coffee. Thankfully, they have alternative choice of decaf coffee where the caffeine part is eliminated from the product. But the question is whether it is safe to drink decaf coffee while pregnant. The article focuses on the truth about drinking decaf coffee for the pregnant women following some scientific research and valuable advices from the experienced mothers.

Following some special methods of removing the caffeine content and maintaining the flavoring elements, decaf coffee is prepared. Among various decaffeination methods, carbon dioxide method, solvent method and the Swiss Water method are the most used methods. One truth about decaffeinated coffee is that although most of the caffeine part is removed from the coffee, a very small quantity of caffeine remains left in the coffee.

Quantity of Drinking Decaf Coffee While Pregnant

The pregnant women should not worry too much for drinking decaf coffee until they take it excessive amount. According to the experts, a pregnant woman should not consume more than 200 mg of caffeine in a day. It means she can take two mugs of instant decaf coffee in a day without any risk of health issue. However, she needs to remember that even though she is drinking decaf coffee, she is likely to take some portion of caffeine left in the decaf coffee and from other sources (tea or chocolate).

Health Risks from Drinking Excessive Coffee during Pregnancy

It is always advisable for the pregnant women not to consume excessive amount of coffee – both regular and decaf. Before you opt for drinking decaf coffee while pregnant, it is important to know the possible health issues occurred from drinking coffee.

  • Being a stimulant, caffeine works on the central nervous system. Hence, it can increase heart rates along with the blood pressure in your body.
  • In a pregnant woman, her fetus receives the oxygen and essential nutrients through her placenta. Some studies conducted on pregnant women reveal that coffee is able to enter through the placental wall. It is not a problem to metabolize the caffeine present within the coffee for the adults, but for the fetuses, it is not possible.
  • When a child is exposed to excessive amount of caffeine, his development can be hindered.
  • As coffee contains diuretic properties, the coffee drinkers need to be careful about the high amount of drinking coffee as it may lead to dehydration.
  • Even the excessive amount of coffee consumption may increase the miscarriage risk.

To Sum Up

The bottom line is that you can drink decaf coffee during pregnancy as long as you maintain the limited amount recommended above.

More information about coffee and pregnancy at http://www.techtimes.com/articles/144067/20160325/coffee-and-pregnancy-couples-high-caffeine-intake-linked-to-higher-miscarriage-risk.htm

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