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Decaf Instant Coffee

Decaf coffee has long been the derided one and the ugly duckling of the coffee world. It is not given the same position as caffeinated coffee is. It doesn’t taste as good as the regular coffee and is full of chemicals.

Consumer Analysts Allegra Strategies found that about 6% of the population visiting coffee shops regularly order decaf coffee.


Coffee in moderation

Coffee in moderation is good for health and has been reported to have benefits. But some people don’t do well with caffeine in their blood stream. While pregnant and breast-feeding women are better off limiting their intake, many others find coffee in excess disrupts their sleep and causes anxiety while also raising their blood pressure.

That brings us back to the decaf coffee. Chemical processes of decaffeination and the tasteless feeling are the drawbacks that hold people back from drinking decaf coffee. However, with time, newer ways of decaffeination and taste retention to provide people the drink they are so used to without compromising on health are being discovered.

Coffee, since the time Ludwig Roselius discovered how to extract it from the beans has come a long way. Decaffeination too has made long strides and now we have decaf instant coffee.

Might not really taste the same

Decaf instant coffee might not really taste the same as instant regular coffee but we have to make a trade off if we are to taste instant coffee and also not drink any caffeine. Yes, you are not getting the leisurely drip and the slow sip that wakes you up.

The stigma surrounding instant coffee is that the shiny, dark crystals aren’t much to savor. But it turns out that health-wise there’s not much to lose by drinking instant decaf coffee and flavor-wise it is a subjective matter. Just like there are takers for regular coffee and decaf coffee, there are takers for instant regular coffee and decaf instant coffee.

How is instant coffee made?

How is instant coffee made? It is something that was invented in 1901 but became popular during the World War II. The technology that produced penicillin and blood plasma, during the war for military use, is also used to make instant coffee.

Instant coffee is made from the same beans that produce regular coffee. The process of extracting the powder or making the powder from the beans is what differentiates it from the regular coffee.

The easy part of making instant decaf coffee is that you just need to add hot water to it. The iced coffee that we drink also comes from instant coffee so there’s something to cheer about this type of coffee.

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