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Define Decaf

Coffee is a drink of energy for many around the world. There are some who wake up to the smell of coffee and without a cuppa their day doesn’t start. A cup kickstarts the morning for many. There are others for whom several cups a day is a must. No conversation can be complete without it. This brewed drink offers hope to many. Hope that they will make it through the day.

But the drink has been found to have several side effects. It increases the heart rate, causes palpitation, and may lead to sleeplessness if consumed regularly in huge quantities. These side effects have been found to be experienced by not all. Studies were conducted to understand what was causing the problems. Though the results aren’t conclusive but it was understood generally that caffeine was the trouble maker. It resulted in certain bodily reactions in people that were affecting their regular life. The amount of caffeine had to be restricted. How?


Let’s Define Decaf Coffee

Science to the rescue. Research led to the solution. Different methods were found to extract the caffeine from coffee and remove it to make coffee safe for everyone to consume. The solution wasn’t found overnight; nor was it satisfactory but it is what humans could do best. Coffee without caffeine. It didn’t ring a bell in many ears but over the years people got used to drinking it. Those who couldn’t do without their morning fix were relieved that they could still have it.

Define Decaf

The world since then started drinking decaf coffee, at least some of it did. Did decaf coffee solve all their physiological problems? We are not sure but at least they are happy that they can continue to drink their favorite stuff. There are multinational chains that sell decaf coffee while also selling regular coffee. They report that every day there is a certain percentage of customers who drop by to ask for decaf coffee.

Skeptics aren’t happy about the arrangement. Decaf coffee is somewhat bland. It doesn’t have the same effect that coffee does. If that is the case how does it make sense to drink coffee? But something’s always better than nothing, the other group will argue.

We have arrived at a compromise, so to say. We want coffee but it gives us problems so we got rid of the issue and continue to drink it. It’s our way of doing things.

When decaf became our way to achieve that inspiration, we found solace in it. Ludwig Roselius in 1905 invented how to do it though the process used by him is no longer used. It was pretty toxic. We have evolved and developed better ways – using organic water.

Decaf or not? Take your pick. If you believe you have sufficient reasons to stay away from caffeine for the better part of your life, decaf coffee is the best option. Take a sip and slowly you will get used to its flavor.

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