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Does Decaf Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

A good number of coffee lovers are opting for decaf coffee nowadays as this coffee allows them to get the rich, nutty, dark and a little bit bitter taste of coffee without considering the headache of caffeine. It is true that caffeine has many health benefits, but excessive consumption of caffeine may invite certain problems like anxiety and trouble sleeping. Decaf coffee, on the other hand, eliminates the health issues occurred due the presence of caffeine in caffeinated coffee. Some health-conscious people often raise the question – does decaf coffee help you lose weight?


The fact is that decaf coffee is naturally low in calorie while drunk on its own and it helps to lose weight. However, if you choose to consume it adding lots of sugar and cream, it will significantly increase your calorie intake and lose the potential caffeine benefits for weight loss.

Decaffeination and Weight Loss

It is not true that decaf coffee completely eliminates the presence of caffeine. Rather you will find a minimal amount of caffeine presence in the decaf coffee after undergoing the decaffeinated process. In our country, around 97% of the original caffeine is removed after the decaffeinated processes. Since decaf coffee also contains a certain amount of caffeine, you may obtain a certain benefits of weight loss relevant to caffeine although to a decreased amount. In 2006, ‘American Society of Clinical Nutrition’ published a 12-year study result that showed that increased level of caffeine intake could likely to lead lower amount of weight gain for long run. But the fact is that impact of caffeine on the weight loss and lesser weight gain are very minor. Hence, if someone enquires of, ‘does decaf coffee help you lose weight?’ the obvious answer is that drinking decaf coffee instead of caffeinated coffee does not bring great effect with weight-loss benefits and low calorie content.

Calories Found in Decaf Coffee

Every 8-ounch serving, decaf coffee does not contain any calorie. That means, if you replace a higher calorie beverage like lemon-lime soda that is also a caffeine-free drink with decaf coffee, it helps you to make a calorie deficit that would ultimately lead to weight loss. Whereas an 8-ounce serving of a lemon-lime soda contains 104 calories, an 8-ounce serving of decaf coffee may lead to create a 520-calorie deficit in a week if you consider to take it 5 times a week.

Careful of the Added Ingredients

Now as you come to know ‘does decaf coffee help you lose weight?’ you need to be careful about the added ingredients you are taking with decaf coffee. According to the University Of Rochester Medical Center, whatever people take as their drink play a major role on your weight loss. Many people consume high-calorie diet without knowing that those drinks are actually ‘diet trap as they add lots of calorie. A simple coffee is always calorie free. But when you add sugar and cream in it, the calorie content is raised in significant amount. Therefore, decaf coffee can lead to lose weight only when you take it without adding sugar as sugar is the primary contributor in weight gain and obesity in the American diet.

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