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Does Decaf Coffee Raise Blood Pressure?

There is much talk about decaf coffee. Coffee drinkers around the world are under pressure to change. They are told about how decaf coffee has several benefits over the regular coffee. There is a small population that has switched. Since tastes and preferences vary companies selling coffee also serve decaf coffee. But it is not just about taste but also about health.


Hence, before switching many wish to know what is good and what is not for them. Some have taken the other route like drinking less coffee. But if drinking coffee is an absolute must, switching to decaf may be a good option for those who guzzle several glasses or cups.

Does Decaf Coffee Raise Blood Pressure?

Though studies are limited and the results cannot be validated and they vary, it cannot be said for sure that decaf coffee raises blood pressure. There may be some effect in some while others may not be affected at all.

However studies cannot point out specifically if decaf may raise blood pressure in general. Individuals may vary their coffee consumption in amount if they notice any visible change. Symptoms of high blood pressure if they persist should be reported to the physician.

Decaf coffee is meant to replace regular coffee since it was found that regular coffee was causing heath trouble in some. It resulted in palpitation, sleeplessness and other disturbing symptoms that affect normal life. Hence the world thought of removing the caffeine which was blamed to be the trouble maker. In the process there was a give and take of sorts. Decaf coffee doesn’t taste the same as regular coffee.

There are several ways in which caffeine is removed. Depending on the method one may find it expensive to drink decaf coffee. There is the water treatment that uses organic water to remove caffeine. The coffee that results is a little bland. One may substitute it with more sugar but then if you are drinking it for health reasons adding too much sugar and cream may not give you the benefits.

Does Decaf Coffee Raise Blood Pressure?

If you are already a patient of high blood sugar it may be good idea to speak to a physician before starting to drink decaf coffee. If drinking decaf is known to raise blood pressure then switching to decaf may not be a solution. Stick to your regular coffee?

Since there are no conclusive reports about decaf raising pressure we cannot say with certainty that one should or shouldn’t switch. It should be taken on a case by case basis. Coffee is a favorite drink of many around the world. There are many who drink it everyday and wouldn’t want to let go of it. There has to be a solution then. Some have opted to drink less. Others have reduced the number of cups they drink daily.

For better or worse decaf coffee is here to stay. Does Decaf Coffee Raise Blood Pressure? We will decide over a cup of it.

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