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Does Decaf Have Caffeine?

Among various kinds of drugs in this world, caffeine is considered as the most commonly consumed drug and it is needless to say that coffee is the principal source of supplying caffeine. Therefore, people who are suffering from certain medical conditions such as hypertension or insomnia are often advised to stay away from consuming caffeine.

However, the fact is that coffee addicted persons who shift to the decaf coffee for the health reason are not entirely free from the rule of caffeine. Even the decaffeinated brew can give them a kick. Why? Does decaf have caffeine?


Several studies

People always prefer to go through the positive impact of their favorite stuff like coffee. In fact, several studies have been taken place to confirm the health benefits of coffee. However, caffeine does have adverse effects on human health. Therefore, people with kidney disease and anxiety disorder should prevent themselves from consuming caffeine. Even if they choose the decaf coffee, it is utmost important to know ‘does decaf have caffeine.’

Recently a study held by the researchers of the University of Florida documented that even after the decaffeination process, almost all the decaf coffees contains a certain amount of caffeine. The report of their research was published in Journal of Analytical Toxicology.

Therefore, while you are trying to avoid caffeine for health issue or personal disliking, you should always keep in mind that decaf coffee also contains caffeine although the level of caffeine is lower than the normal coffee.

The amount of caffeine

If you take a normal-sized single cup of coffee, it usually contains approximately 85 milligrams of caffeine. The amount of caffeine comes down from 3 to 1.5 milligram in the case of decaf coffee. It means although decaf coffee is not entirely caffeine-free, the amount is quite lower than the regular coffee. However, there is a negative aspect – when you are strictly prohibited from consuming all products of caffeine as per your doctor’s advice, you should never choose this stuff for the health reason. And if you are that kind of person who keeps on drinking coffee all through the day, then decaf coffee is undoubtedly a good option to minimize the level of caffeine into those milligrams.

One may wonder with the question ‘does decaf have caffeine enough to stimulate its own consumption’. And the real fact is frequent and large cups of decaf are likely to offer dependency and bring adverse effects on them whose doctors advise them for caffeine-free diets.

Therefore, for all the caffeine sensitive people it is a caution that several decaffeinated coffee brands provide more caffeine than the level they can grip without any effect. In addition, if you have caffeine addictive tendency, you should remember that even the small dose of caffeine in decaf is enough to prompt your addictive relationship.

However, when you are looking for some effective ways to decrease your caffeine consumption, of course, decaf coffee is a wonderful option for you.

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