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How much caffeine during pregnancy?

Most of doctors recommend not having caffeine during pregnancy time. Is it true for other caffeinated drink also? Beverage choices like tea, energy drink and cola can be affected due to this reason also. Since, the pregnant lady is drinking the caffeine for two people then it is necessary to be cautious on the occasion. Caffeine can be seen as a problem if it is taken in higher quantity. The caffeine can penetrate the placenta. Therefore, trouble can be noticed with the metabolism system of the baby. Caffeine jolt may not be easy for the baby to handle. So, how much caffeine during pregnancy is safe?

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, daily caffeine consumption must be limited within 200mg during pregnancy. It can be considered a little bit extra from a single cup of coffee. However, 8 ounce cup has been made available by some of the popular brands of coffee provider. In some of pregnancy books, it has been advised not to go overboard with the caffeine consumption ever. Research and tests have been done on the children especially.


Through the study, it may not been found that 200mg adequate for the safety of pregnant ladies. However, it is quite certain than 300mg may be dangerous for the pregnant lady. Larger doses must be eliminated at the time. From the research on animals, it has been found that caffeine decreases fertility level of the body.  Limitation over caffeine is certainly way to go forward. Since, the experiment has been conducted on animal. So, it is really hard to tell how much caffeine during pregnancy you must intake? Birth Defects or miscarriage may be experienced due to high amount of caffeine consumption every day. However, similar results may not be noticed with the human studies.

Is it necessary to stop drinking coffee during pregnancy?

Lots of thoughts around the subject can be noticed. Some believes in the traditional concept and some likes to go with the study with evidence. Through research data, conclusive evidence may not be found at every given occasion. Therefore, support cannot be obtained at the same time.

Few pregnant ladies have taken part in these studies. They have used their babies as a guinea pig on the occasion. Still, these studies can be considered as a retrospective one. Negative impact of caffeine can be noticed in some occasions like miscarriage or birth defect. By overestimating coffee usage, issue can be noticed. Therefore, it is certainly important to know how much caffeine during pregnancy?

Staying safe must be the motto during pregnancy. Daily intake must be kept lesser than 200mg. It can be easily equated with the three cups of green tea. In case of decaf coffee, further liberty can be taken.

Caffeine is one thing that a mother has to sacrifice for her baby to some extent. Safety is the best policy while you are dealing with a baby. By staying within the prescribed amount of caffeine, problems may not be noticed.

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