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Is Decaf Coffee Safe?

Is decaf coffee safe? During morning, the question arises in the mind. Decaf coffee is generally considered as a caffeine free choice by most of the coffee drinker.

By knowing about the decaffeination process, you may able to decide on a perfect cup of decaffeinated coffee. Decaf is certainly a healthier option than regular coffee. From the following discussion, you may able to know whether decaf is beneficial for health or not?

Caffeine amount in decaf

97% of the caffeine is generally removed from the coffee. Therefore, you may find only 5mg of caffeine within decaf coffee instead of 150mg of caffeine inside a brewed coffee of 6 ounce.

Process of decaffeinating the coffee

Through the method of decaffeination, you may able to come across best decaf coffee. To eradicate caffeine from the coffee, uses of carbon dioxide, methylene chloride and simple water are seen in most occasions. Due to extraction of ethyl acetate from fruit, it may be considered as the safest process of decaffeination.

Which decaf coffee should you choose?

Before buying a decaf coffee you can ask yourself the question, Is decaf coffee safe? Some experts are worried as the decaf is extracted with the assistance from methylene. However, studies have found that methylene does not cause any of the carcinogenic effect at all. Therefore, it may not be considered dangerous for the people at all. Even the FDA has not put any restriction of decaf. Due to this reason, it can be drunk quite easily every day. Taste of the decaf can be presented in better manner with methylene instead of water based extraction method. Therefore, it has been utilized in most occasions by the reputed brands in the market.

Is there any threat to the health at all?

In the past, coffee has been held responsible for different kinds of illness. So, is decaf coffee safe? From different arena, decaf coffee has been given a clean chit. Previously, coffee has been linked with lots of diseases like hypertension and heart disease which may not be encountered at all with the decaf coffee. However, larger intake of coffee causes issues exclusively. It is not possible to notice trouble with the limited intake at all. Still, it may not be recommended not to consume for than five caps of French Press as it may raise the level of cholesterol unnaturally.

Why should you think about decaf?

Lesser amount of study has been conducted upon decaf coffee. From several studies, different kinds of result are seen where one is quite contrary to another. One of the studies says that more than 5 cups of decaf increases chances of arthritis. Through another studies, similar thing cannot be found.

Conclusive evidence has not been found on the subject. Therefore, it cannot be considered harmful at all. Lots of people have been taking decaf coffee for a long time without any effect. As a result, you can consume decaf coffee now without thinking too much about the health. It is quite sure that decaf does not cause hypertension at all.

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