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How to make your own decaf flavored coffee?

decaf flavored coffee

There’s no caffeine-free coffee. Coffee naturally has some caffeine in it. But for those who have issues with it prefer to drink coffee that is decaf. However, no process can totally remove caffeine from coffee. There will remain some amount, no matter how small in the coffee.

This is acceptable since you are trying to go against the natural order of things.

Coffee-junkies shrug at the idea of caffeine-free coffee, but when push comes to shove, we do things that go against our natural instincts. People have decided that they are better off without the mild stimulating effects of coffee. Hence, the decaf way of drinking coffee.

The cuppa, however, isn’t full. It’s rather half-empty. The decaf process doesn’t leave much to be desired after. There’s the use of chemicals for starters. One has to deal with the loss of flavor which is something of a compromise. And then, there’s some amount of caffeine still left. You are left with coffee that is bland, insipid for that matter, still, has traces of caffeine and may cause you harm, on long term drinking.

Natural Method

The most natural method is the use of water or CO2 in the decaffeinating process.

But the bottom line is, decaffeinating coffee is not something you can do at home. Better leave that to the professionals.

Now that decaf flavored coffee has caught on, there are several varieties available in the market. The naturally decaffeinated variety is a little difficult to find, and you may have to source it from selective stores. They are expensive too.

An average American household spends an exorbitant amount on coffee each year. This decaf flavored coffee bought from multinational stores that serve plenty of flavors strips you of dollars that you can actually save. The local store just throws some mix of your flavor and lets you gulp it down for a hefty amount. What if we brew the same at home? Money-saving venture, yes. Creative too.

You can try different flavors each time and then stick to the one you liked most. It can be an opportunity to impress your friends and family too with your newly found skills.

There are no decaf flavored coffee beans to buy from the market. You still buy decaf green beans and then add flavors of your choice.

Flavors to add to your decaf coffee:

  1. Open your spice cabinet. Do you have cinnamon, cardamom or ginger lying around? There could be nutmeg, clove, and black pepper too. Experiment with each and make your own blend if you are adventurous.
  2. Extracts are used to flavor coffee too. There can be natural and artificial. If you have opted for naturally decaf coffee, you will like the natural extract better. Pure extracts always offer best regarding flavor, and you need to add just a little. Consider vanilla, cinnamon, orange, chocolate and nut extracts or more.
  3. If you prefer your decaf to be sweet, use syrups to hit the right notes. Make syrup at home using sugar and water. Add orange peel or spices for flavor.

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