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Columbian SWP Decaf Coffee




Are you belonged to those people who love the aroma of fresh coffee every morning? But your doctor advised taking control on your coffee. Without being feared, you can enjoy the goodness of Columbian Swiss water processed decaf coffee. The top coffee producers have started to produce decaffeinated coffee in order to keep up with the growing population of health concern people. The taste of decaffeinated coffee would be a little different as compared to the regular roast coffee. The Columbian Swiss water processed decaf coffee has a very wonderful taste.

  • About the product

It is known as one of the popular brands in serving coffee as they were able to give new aids to the customers at every point on a regular basis. It is a Swiss water processed coffee with rich and sweet honey taste. This type is roasted in an environmentally coffee roaster. It is ninety nine point nine percent caffeine and chemical free product. This is coffee for the purists. Though some decaffeination processes use chemical solvents, this product uses pure water for pure coffee taste. You will have to love the full flavored taste of this coffee. The flavor if this coffee is able to thrust in the market, and that would help them to lead out the product in the market.

You can find available this type decaf coffee in four different sizes packs. They are 2 lb, 5 lb, 12 oz. bags( ground), 12 oz. bags( whole bean). The price of 2lb is $ 2.75. The price of 5 lb is $ 37.95. The price of 12 oz. bags( ground) is $ 22.95 per pound, and the worth of 12 oz. bags( whole bean) is $ 21.95 per pound.

  • How this type coffee is made

The making of this type coffee includes two types of processes. The first includes using a solvent in order to absorb caffeine from the coffee beans, and then the coffee is washed thoroughly to remove the solvent. The second method is known as the Swiss water method. When the process is going on no chemicals are added, which is a great thing for all the coffee lovers. The process results in losing necessary oils of coffee beans. But this is where the true flavor lies. For making this kind of coffee, the best coffee beans are utilized.

  • Health benefits

Decaf Coffee contains high levels of anti-oxidants that can prevent the diseases like aging and cancers. It is proven by the studies that the regular drinkers of this type coffee reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. For women, there is also a chance of reducing breast cancer. Besides, many heart problems are reduced to some extent because of regular intake of decaf coffee.



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