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Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee




It is the earnest desire for decaf every coffee lover is that his cup of decaffeinated coffee would contain the same taste and flavor just like other blends – dark, deep and delicious. Unfortunately, they are disappointed with the taste of their decaf coffee in most of the time. But, now the moment has come to break the age-old myth about decaf coffee since Kicking Horse Coffee presents one of the best decaf coffees produced from original whole beans and followed by the finest decaffeination process. That’s why now it is the time to enjoy the same tip-top taste with the addition of mellow finish with Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee.

Stunning Features of Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee

Once you know the great features of this decaf coffee produced by Kicking Horse Coffee brand, you must consider to taste this decaf coffee. Let’s keep an eye on them –

  • All the coffee beans chosen for Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee is Rocky Mountain roasted that can give you the same bold, rich and smooth taste as you get from the regular coffee. The company never compromises with the choice of coffee beans and that is why you can get the finest and premium flavor of decaffeinated coffee as you get from normal coffee.
  • Kicking Horse’s decaf coffee is produced with the special attention of organic products and that why its coffee stands for pure, pesticide free whole coffee beans with full of flavor, only excluding the caffeine part. There is presence of pesticides and herbicides in this brand since the coffee product is undergone through random audits, verifications and certification processes.
  • Another great thing about Kicking Horse decaf coffee is that the coffee is produced following the Fairtrade and that’s why whatever coffee products available from this brand are all good and fair for both coffee loving people and farmers.
  • Though it is decaf coffee, but the company takes special care for choosing the coffee whole beans as it is only made from 100% Arabica beans.
  • Another great feature of decaf coffee produced by Kicking Horse is its decaffeination process. The company gives special interest on its decaffeination process since it follows the Swiss Water process considered to be the best of decaffeinated process in the world. Moreover, the Swiss Water process ensures the exclusion of chemicals from your decaf coffee.
  • With the aim of including perfection in the coffee bean roast, the premium beans are roasted around 3,000 feet above the sea level near to Columbia River. Due to the freshness of Rocky Mountain air, altitude and the best decaffeinated process or some other reason, Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee has been considering as the topnotch decaf coffee all around the world.
  • The company takes special care to pack and ship its decaf coffee products so that you can relish the freshness and rich flavor of coffee without the presence of caffeine.

So, if you think that people choose decaf coffee due to compulsion of personal health reason, and not for taste, Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee is just the perfect to break that myth as you can enjoy the real flavor and taste of normal coffee eliminating the presence of caffeine.


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