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Peet’s Decaf Coffee




To get a perfect cup of coffee, it becomes necessary to search a bit. Proper blend of decaf coffee cannot be obtained by surprise. Decaf ground from Peet’s is roasted up to 79%. Gargantuan flavor which is also known as Garuda is the reason behind the rich taste of the brand. Major Dickason’s blend is the most popular one among the decaffeinated coffee produced by Peet’s. Other blends do not come close its taste.

Reasons to blend the coffee

Combining coffees have been considered as an art. Here, reason behind the creation of blend is as important as the blend itself. If you like to develop a decaf coffee blend for cost effectiveness exclusively then you may get 10% of the actual worth. Success can be observed in the process. However, it may not give satisfaction to the palette of the customer. Therefore, it is always better to give preference to the taste which can be experience by simply closing the eyes while taking a sip from the cup.

Philosophy of Blending

In case of Peet’s Decaf Coffee Major Dickanson’s blend, Hacienda La Minita which is a coffee from Costa Rica is mixed with genuine Mocha that has been sun dried and grounded with the assistance from stone wheel. Coffee beans are always collected from the finest locations. Above mentioned locations are best for the growth of coffee without any doubt. In addition volcano ridden valley of Guatemala is also tried for an incredible taste.

Taste that may mesmerize you completely

Through each sip, you may able to get a rich and smooth taste. Balanced cup is certainly the best way to start a day. Due to distinct regional taste of the coffee, creation of a unique taste and aroma has become possible. Peet’s Major Dickanson decaf coffee seems like a friend who inspires and rejuvenates you almost immediately. There is no doubt in the fact that an expert palate can be offered through a cup from the brand. Major D can be considered the best decaffeinated coffee in the world. Taste of the coffee remains in spite of minimal amount of caffeine within it. The Major Dickanson can be taken as drip, espresso or press. Bold taste of the coffee may delight you completely.

How to make?

  1. Put 2 spoons of Peet’s decaf coffee in 6 ounces water
  2. Filter water must be utilized for the purpose of brewing
  3. The coffee must be consumed within 30 minutes

How to store?

For the storage of coffee ground, airtight container of opaque nature must be utilized.

Key Dickanson has a habit of concocting different types of coffee. One of the reasons behind the popularity of Peet’s is the rich blend. Revolution has been brought in to the coffee industry by Mr. Dickanson. Coffee beans from Sulawesi, Sumatra, Costa Rica and Guatemala have been combined for development of exclusive taste from brand Peet. Blend is always better than single version if it is done properly. Peet’s Decaf Coffee is certainly the best in the market without any doubt.


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