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Sumatra Decaf Organic




Coffee drinkers of beans from the Sumatra region place Sumatra Mandheling at the top of the best among coffee from Sumatra. It lower in acidic content tastes elegant and has a hint of chocolate that makes it exotic.

What’s the profile of Sumatra coffee?

  • An aroma and thick body with sweet, malty flavor. It is rich and complex.
  • Most coffee varieties are named after the place or region where the coffee is grown; Mandheling coffee is however named after the people of that region who have cultivated it. Sumatra Mandheling coffee is grown on the high volcanic slopes of Mount Leuser somewhere close to west-central Sumatra.
  • The production method results in a full-bodied, concentrated flavored, with herbal garnishes and additives ranging from – caramel, cashews, cheese Danish, chocolate croissant, to butter croissant.
  • The beans are hulled at a slightly higher moisture content at about 50%. After the skin is removed, the pulpier mucilage is left to dry on the bean resulting in a fruitier flavor.

Mountain Water Processed Decaf Coffee

Talking about the intricacies of decaf coffee that are mountain water treated, many would be glad to know that use of this variety of water results in coffee that is better. Since good is not good enough for many, this variety tries to provide the best.

When deconstructing decaf coffee, many would start with the process used to do it. While there’s the CO2 method of decaffeinating that is used there is also the chemical process. Both of these result in different tasting coffee.

The consumer would be bothered about a few things as far as purchasing decaf is concerned – its flavor, aroma, price, method used to decaf, how the coffee was grown, etc. The region from which the beans are sourced is, of course, the foremost since that mostly decides the flavor and aroma.

Who is the decaf coffee drinker?

They constitute the market for the decaf variety and are mostly 35+ years of age. The type of coffee drinker who likes coffee but without the caffeine content. Some may diss the decaf coffee for its lack of taste, but that mostly depends on the method used to brew it. Brewers, on the other hand, worry about the cost of decaffeinating the coffee beans. There is the added worry that decaf coffee is bought in smaller quantities. Customers want it at almost the same price as regular coffee. Some may want to compromise on the quality to meet the demands of the customer. But then the purpose would be defeated if customers stay away from low-quality decaf coffee. Decaf coffee drinkers are the high-end customers. High quality at a price that is competitive – innovative roasters offer coffee that is good in quality without compromising and charges what they believe is the right price.

If you are worried about huge quantities of underground coffee lying in your cabinet, store them in an airtight container at room temperature.


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