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Rare Coffee Beans

Coffee is a kind of brew that is drunk on most occasions all over the world. Big brands are preferred by the people generally. In order to try something new, it becomes necessary to search a bit. Different taste is obtained in the process. Rare coffee beans must be tasted for a unique experience. Coffee bean of exotic nature is certainly worth a look.


As a gift, rare coffee beans can be presented to someone in the Christmas or any special occasion. In case the person is a coffee lover then it is not possible to get any better gift than that. It can be considered a great option. If you are not aware about the rare coffee beans in the world then here is a list which you can consider as your guide.

Guadeloupean Bonifieur

In the Caribbean Islands, growth of Guadeloupean Bonifieur coffee beans can be observed. It is a variety of Arabica. Later on, coffee beans are influenced by rain, altitude and fresh air to provide an amazing taste. Quality of the coffee is remarkable without any doubt. Through this kind of coffee, it is possible to improve quality of other coffee types easily. Therefore, Guadeloupean Bonifieur has been regarded as the best thing available in the market.

Kopi Luwak

This type of coffee bean is often remembered as cat poop. From the rainforest of Indonesia, the coffee beans are collected. As the coffee beans are passed throughout the digestive tracts of a toddy cat called Asian Palm Civets, it becomes rich and rare. In some occasions birds and gorillas are used for the process also. However, it is really hard to find an alternative of Indonesian Civet. Visit this link, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kopi_Luwak, to learn more.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

From the name it is quite clear that this kind of coffee is obtained from the Blue Mountain of Jamaica. Creamy flavors are found from the coffee. Therefore, any kind of bitterness can be avoided on the occasion. Enough protection is given to these rare coffee beans as they can be grown in the specific region exclusively. For the production of the coffee, soil and altitude certainly plays an important role.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Best place to grow this coffee is Golden Kona Coast in Hawaii. Due to limited numbers of coffee farms, it can be considered as a unique coffee bean. Same families have been growing this coffee for years. Ripening method of slow nature is used on the occasion to offer a balance taste.

Based on the likes and dislikes of the coffee drinker, best rare coffee beans are generally found. If you look at the exclusive nature then Kopi Luwak can be considered rarest of all. Therefore, high price has been seen with it. Mild taste of the coffee can be equated with the Hawaiian Kona. More information about Kona Coffee- Here!

For a rich taste with full body nature, you can try Jamaican Blue Mountain. Fruiter taste can be found through Guadeloupean Bonifieur. From quality shops, you can get these rare coffee beans. It can be acquired either in ground or whole beans manner.

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