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Water Processed Decaf Coffee

Coffee is decaffeinated in order to get rid of its caffeine content. There is much ado about caffeine being the cause of trouble in people’s health. But coffee being what it is cannot be done away with. Multinationals have built and empire out of this beverage and they would definitely not like it if they were to shut down their business.

But how do down that drink with caffeine in it regularly and several times in a day? Decaffeinating it is the only way. That however does not ensure that there is no caffeine in the favorite drink of the world. We only remove a major bulk of it while some small amount still remains.

This amount however varies from coffee to coffee and it is to be understood that the amount may vary with each brand. The amount of caffeine that remains also depends on the decaffeination method used. Principally there are the CO2 method, Swiss water method and organic water method.


Water processed decaf method – the process

Since health is of priority and some people wouldn’t like anything chemical about their decaf coffee, coffee makers have come out with a decaffeination method that is all natural. During the decaffeination chemicals are used to strip to the coffee of its caffeine content. Coffee is water soluble. This quality of coffee is used to decaffeinate it.

The soluble material in coffee dissolves in the water and the rate depends on the temperature and the size of the coffee grinds. The unroasted coffee is completely submerged in water that is heated. This water containing soluble compounds is then passed through carbon filters to separate the aromatics from the compounds and the beans are then immersed in a tank with caffeine-free solution to reabsorb all that remains.

What coffee is decaf coffee?

Standards are followed in the decaffeination process and it is generally asked that decaf coffee should have less than 1% caffeine in it. But the market has coffee that may contain about 3% caffeine and the label should say so.

The decaf coffee may not taste the same any more. But then you can’t have the best of both worlds always. Companies try to retain as much as flavor and aroma of the coffee as possible.

Coffee and its ills

Those who suffer from sleeplessness due to caffeine may now take heart from the fact that they can drink coffee and yet not be subjected to wakeful hours.

But coffee is not all good either. It causes dehydration if taken in excess. Even if you drink decaf coffee, drink water in sufficient amount to prevent dehydration. While having coffee also have something to eat so that will slow down the absorption of alkaloids.

If you drink decaf in small amount and still suffer from symptoms that you thought were due to the caffeine content, you should consult the physician to find out if you aren’t psychosomatic?

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