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What is Decaf coffee?


A good number of people over the world drink coffee. They need to have their daily fix of caffeine. But again, there is a big number of people who are moving away from caffeine. They would rather have some decaf coffee. Coffee without the caffeine. Really?

What is Decaf coffee?

When we say decaf coffee, we imply coffee that has been processed to remove most of the caffeine. Officially, decaf coffee is coffee that is 97% caffeine-free. There is no decaf coffee that has no trace of caffeine in it.

No matter which process is used, a little amount is certain to be left.

A cup of coffee measuring 12oz may contain anything between 10-17 milligrams of caffeine. Other multinationals serving coffee may have more than this amount. There is no way of knowing if the decaf coffee you are drinking at a coffee bar is 97% or lesser.

Hence, those who are trying to walk away from caffeine should be aware that there still will be some amount of caffeine left in the coffee and it would do them well to understand that a standard latte may contain as much as caffeine as a can of coca-cola.

A coffee will differ in taste based on which process of removal was used, the coffee beans used and its quality and which brand of coffee seller you bought it from. The methods used for decaffeinating will determine the final flavor and smell. Much of the flavor however is lost and hence coffee consumers complain that decaf coffee is just a watered down version of coffee. Several brands of coffee charge different prices based on the process they used.

The beans have certain aroma, flavor. Water and other chemicals used make a difference. Arabica and Robusta are more popular than other varieties but they differ in their caffeine content.

When you order a cup of deaf coffee ask the coffee seller what type of beans were used and how did the coffee beans seller decaf it?

There are health benefits to be derived from coffee. It contains antioxidants derived from polyphenols. Some health benefits are experienced when the coffee is decaf. The amount of caffeine that decaf coffee contains isn’t enough to keep you awake at night.

Swiss Water process uses no harsh chemicals and results in the best variety of coffee available. Many add heavy dose of cream and sweetener to up the level of taste and flavor of decaf coffee.

However, decaf coffee may have lesser amount of antioxidants due to the decaf process. Some also find decaf coffee somewhat acidic in taste. Excess acid in coffee may result in health complications such as heartburn, ulcers, urinary tract inflammation etc. Decaf coffee however results in higher production of the good cholesterol which is good for the heart.

Now that you have good amount of information about the coffee, feel comfortable in approaching your favorite store and ask for a cup of decaf espresso.

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